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DU International industrial and business management

  • Niveau de diplôme

    BAC +3

  • Durée

    1 semestre

  • Langues d'enseignement



The International and Business Management  (IIBM) semester is aimed at students in the final year of their Bachelor degree and is only available in the autumn semester
(semester 5 : end of August to the end of December).
All of the subjects are entirely taught in English.

In today’s competitive job market, graduates are required not only to be skilled within their specific field, but also to have a variety of other skills and knowledge which will enable them to work with others in a professional environment

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By proposing subjects such as ‘Business and Intercultural Communication’ and ‘International Management’, the semester addresses these issues as well as teaching students the importance of key functions within a company such as ‘Project Management’, ‘Quality Management’, ‘Supply Chain’ and ‘Business Information Systems’.

The links with local companies is also important, so students have the opportunity to participate in company visits to observe production process first-hand and also do a group project using real data. The management of a company’s finances and how to manage innovation strategically is also studied.

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DU - International industrial and business management

  • Technical skills

    14 crédits
    • Financial risk management

      2 crédits
    • Managing and monitoring projects

      3 crédits
    • Supply chain management

      2 crédits
    • Management and improvement using quality

      2 crédits
    • Business information systems

      2 crédits
    • Introduction to product design

      3 crédits
  • Cross skills - management

    16 crédits
    • Strategic innovation management

      2 crédits
    • International issues in management

      2 crédits
    • Intercultural communication&successful presentations

      2 crédits
    • Consumer behaviour and cross-cultural marketing

      2 crédits
    • French as a foreign language

      4 crédits
    • Group project

      4 crédits
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