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Introduction to product design

  • ECTS

    3 crédits

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    IUT d'Annecy


The main objective of this module is to give students an introduction to product design throughout a team project. Students will implement Product development design process to redesign and create a small object or product, answering to a specific customer need. 

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Introduction to product design - TDTravaux Dirigés20h

Plan du cours

On completion of the module, the student is expected to be able to :

L01 : experience a design thinking process

L02 : benchmark existing products and search patent

L03 : identify customer needs and market opportunities

L04 : Lead functional analysis and write requirements specifications

L05 : generate innovating concepts

L06 : read technical drawing and 3D model a part and assembly using CAD Software and 3D print it

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Compétences visées

➢      Design thinking

➢      Product development process

➢      Functional analysis method

➢      Benchmark and patent search

➢      Concept generation using TRIZ method

➢      Brainstorming

➢      3D modeling : Solidworks

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